a.k.a Temecula Mud & Wine Festival      
Saturday, April 18, 2015
Temecula Downs (formerly Galway Downs)
Registration Opens October 15, 2014


Over 50 obstacles at the best venue in California.

Fun costumes and team uniforms are encouraged! 
Registration for 2015 will open in October!

Registration Options                                                        
Option #1: PICK YOUR WAVE - REGISTER ONLINE. Simply click on the "Register Now" button at the top of the page and you will go to the registration service website. 

Option #2: PRINT OUT THE REGISTRATION & WAIVER. Complete, sign and mail it in along with your fees. Rate applies as of the date of the postmark on your envelope.  
*Kids ages 5 - 12 may only run if a paid adult is running with them. 

Start Times:
Wave 1:  9:00am  
                                                        Wave 2:  9:30am    
Wave 3:  10:00am 
                                                        Wave 4:  10:30am  
                                  Wave 5:  11:00am
                        Wave 6:  11:30am
               Wave 7:  12:00pm 


Entry Fees
Individual Adults:
                               $29 Early Bird Rate through November

Kids (5-12) & Teens: $25

Special Note:  No refunds unless you are Active military and get deployed.

Groups of 5+: (Large groups get discounts in Waves 5 - 7)

                                             $25/member if received by November 30

     Groups of 20+: (Must run in Waves 6 - 7)
For special pricing and registration questions email us at:

Parking Fee: $10 per vehicle.
Make sure to get some good souvenirs when you sign up:

Ladies Racer Back      Souvenir Wine Glass - $10      Souvenir Beer Glass - $10        After Race Photo - $10
Tank Top $10* Hi-Res Digital Copy Only (No Prints)

*Upgrading to Racer Back Tank Top Replaces Standard T-shirt.

Hot Tips and Rules:

  • Wear a cool costume and have fun!
  • Sorry no dogs unless they are guide dogs.
  • Baby strollers/joggers allowed in spectator area only; but NOT on race course.
  • Wear your old sneakers, because it's likely they won't be going home with you.
  • Bring dry clothes & towel as we have a rinse off area and changing tents.
  • Leave your jewelry home.
  • Bring your ID if you plan to have some beer or wine.
  • Do not let children go in the mud unattended
  • Drink fluids before, during and after your race.
  • This is a fun run so help your neighbor if he or she needs help.

If you are interested in selling products or services or promoting your company at the Temecula Mud Run, email us at: Steve@HealthyRaces.com.

Volunteering is both fun and essential for a good event. If you are interested in volunteering, then please email: Lisa@HealthyRaces.com
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